Reversible DIY Hammock Cover

Last week we had some pretty cool, un-summer like weather so I pulled out my hammock. There is no better way to spend those nice days than out in the hammock with a good book. However, my hammock is a few years old and by now my strings are quite rough and don’t feel that great. So what I normally do is lay a towel down, but I got tired of always having to readjusting it. So my solution was to get a hammock cover. I’d seen them on some of the newer ones and my mind said “Hey why don’t you just make one!” So I looked and looked for a tutorial but couldn’t find one so I created my own. It really is VERY easy! If you can cut semi straight, sew a straight line, and follow simple instructions you will knock this out super quickly!

3 ½ yards of 2 coordinating OUTDOOR fabric
Coordinating thread
Pack of snaps
Sewing machine

Lets get started!!!

First things first. You want to measure your hammock. Mine measured out to 7 feet tall and 5 ft wide.

Next, when you go to pick out your fabric do not buy the regular fabric on the small bolts of fabric, you want to look on the ones on the big rolls. Also when look for fabric that is made for the outdoors and will resist water, fading, and mildew. These are going to be slightly more expensive, but I caught it on sale and had a coupon so it was not so bad. I chose to get two different fabrics to make it reversible.

Fabric pieces

Now lets get down to business.

First step, Lets cut out all of out pieces. We will essentially have three different sections that we cut BED, PILLOW, and STRAPS. I like to put a pillow on the hammock as I read so I made an optional pillow pocket to easily slide the pillow in and out. For the BED piece you want to cut it 82 inches long, cut a piece this long from each fabric. For the PILLOW piece you need to cut a 24 inch piece from each fabric. For the STRAPS pieces you will need 4 – 7 inch tall by 4 inches wide- 4 from each fabric.

So in total you will have 2-BED pieces, 2 PILLOW pieces, 8 Strap pieces.

Next we want to sew our straps. Placing right sides together, sew around three sides . Leave one side of the strap open. Once you have the three sides sewn turn the strap right side out. Top stich around those three sides. Top stitching creates a nice finished look.


Top stiching.

Place the two PILLOW piece right side together and sew along one short side.

Next, place one side of the long PILLOW piece on top of the BED piece, open it up so only once side of the BED piece. Once again place right sides together. Place two of your straps in between the two layers at the top. The STRAPS should be place with the raw edge (the not sewn side) out side of the fabric, while the majority is inside of the two layers. Sew around the short side of the fabric. Sew with a 5/8 seam allowance.

Now we need to sew together this very large piece to the remaining BED piece. Place 2 straps in between the layers, just like you did before. Sew the final BED piece to the other side of the long PILLOW piece. Once again right sides together.


Now, take the time to pin around all the long edges. You want the right sides together, with the pillow piece folded out. Place the following 4 STRAP pieces around the bottom. 2 on top of each other, with the raw edge of the outside of the fabric. Sew around the long edges and the bottom piece. Remember leave a pretty decent gap at the bottom (or around one side) so you can turn it right side out. I left about a 7 inch gap because it is a lot of fabric to pull through.


Sew along the edges

Turn your fabric right side out. Once this is done you want to turn your gap inside and pin. Top stitch around the sides and bottom. Doing this you will sew up that gap you left when you turn it right side out.

At this point you are basically done, the straps will easily tie to your hammock, but I decided I wanted to add little snaps to the strap to make it easier. Place the straps around the hammock and decide where you want the straps to be. Use a fabric marker to mark these places. Place the snaps on your markers. Be careful of how you place these. You want the “pointy” ball end to be one side of the strap and the holder on the opposite side of the strap. Follow the instructions on the pack.





TADA!!!! You are done!! Go place it on your hammock, grab a pillow and a good book and enjoy!
finished Product!
Tie Straps
Pillow pocket
All in one! I was quite happy because it all came from my head!