DIY Fall Burlap and Ribbon Wreath

With Fall right around the corner I decided I needed a nice fall wreath. Along with that I decided to try my hand at burlap. I know it’s all the rage right now, but I honestly think that burlap can be overdone and overused so it should be used tastefully. So making a wreath is a nice use of burlap that is nice and tasteful. There are many different variations you can use, but I decided to use burlap ribbon in orange and reds with some accent flowers. This honestly turned out totally different than what I wanted it to, but it’s still cute!

Metal wreath
3 rolls of burlap (I bought mine from walmart so I needed more)
Roll of solid color burlap (Orange)
Roll of printed burlap (Orange chevron)
Roll of Printed fabric-Burlap consistency (Red chevron)
Fall flowers
Pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun and sticks

WORD TO THE WISE. DO THIS PART IN A WELL VENTALETED AREA!!! As you work with the burlap the fabric will shed and if you have problems with sinus or allergies it might upset them. It did mine and a week later I’m still feeling it.


I’ve made a wreath like this before, but not burlap, and did not need the pipe cleaners, but because the burlap is thicker and more intricate I had to use them this go around.

We want to start wrapping the burlap through the slots. Basically what you are going to do is weave the end in and out and around. Your first line should start at the top but the first loop should be at the bottom with the majority of the burlap in the middle. Also you want to use the pipe cleaner to attach to the end of the fabric and attach it to the vertical bar.



***HINT*** I found that the easiest way to use the pipe cleaners was not at a regular interval just at the beginning and the end and wherever you need them. I used the loop, twist, wrap, and twist method. From the back I wraped the pipe cleaner around the fabric and a metal bar and then twisted the ends together. To ensure a tight hold I wrapped the ends around the fabric again and twisted the fabric.


Now once you get the hang of the weaveing of the burlap you want to make your loops as big, or as small as you want them. The bigger the loops the more burlap you will need.

So once you have this part done this is what it should look like.

Now to make it pretty!

This part is totally up to the imagination. I tried out a few different layouts (BEFORE CUTTING!!!) before I landed on this one. Don’t be afraid to get creative, because there is no right or wrong, it’s just what you want…and isn’t that the beauty of a diy project?! Personalization!

Now, I chose to layer my sold and patterned burlap, so in order to do this I measured…ok eyeballed…what length I wanted of both. Then I used the glue gun to attach the pieces at the end.

To attach I simply used a half piece of pipe cleaner and attached it to the metal bar. I did this three times.

This is what it should look like.


Now I did the same thing with the red. I used the same pipe cleaners that I did for the others to attach the ribbon.

And for me, no wreath is complete without flowers or a little fru fru! So I added, by using hot glue, flowers to the sections where the ribbon was tucked in. This also allowed me to add the yellow into my wreath that I wanted. I used 5 different flowers, and left one tuck undone. This is because I wanted to add a bow.



Now to make the bow. It is REALLY simple!

Once again I did not measure, I just eyeballed, so it all depends on how big you want it. I used about an arm’s length of both the solid and orange chevron to make the bow section. I layed them on top of each other and attached the ends together. I then wrapped them (basically made a circle) and glued the ends together.

DSC06192 DSC06193 DSC06195

Now you want to inch the middle together (to make it look like a bow) and wrap a piece of fabric around the middle. I had some small burlap that I wrapped around three times. I also glued each time I wrapped to ensure a good hold.

DSC06196 DSC06197

For the tails, I eyeballed the length. It really all depends on how long you want them. I attached the ends with hot glue, but only one side of each side.


Now fold the top edges back on themselves and glue. This will create that tucked and tied look without the tucking and tying.


Attach with hot glue to the back of the bow piece.


Every bow has to be trimmed up and I did this by cutting up and down on the ribbon. It gives the bow a nice finished look.


Now attach the bow to the wreath with hot glue. I thought it looked super cute to put it on sideways so that is what I did.

Oh, and to hang it I simply attached fishing wire to two of the vertical bars tying knots around adding a small dot of glue to ensure a nice secure hold. I don’t normally do this, but the burlap is a thicker material and would not hang without one.

Viola! All done! Hope ya’ll have fun and get creative!! Remember there is no right or wrong to any of these projects!