Mothers Day Cupcake Bouquet

Mothers day was a few weeks ago, and as the only girl in my family the responsibility of doing something for my mom falls to me. I am one of the strange people out there who do not like jewelry or flowers on commercialized holidays or even my birthday, to me it seems like “Well, this is what every woman wants” and not a lot of thought goes into the gift. Case in point I walk into Walmart the Saturday before Mother’s Day and they have a whole aisle of flowers and men buying them right and left. So I decided to make a twist of a flower bouquet. I decided to give my mom a cupcake bouquet. What is better than a pretty presentation and chocolate? Nothing right! So here is how to give the perfect gift to any woman for any holiday or birthday!

Cake board
Ingredients for icing
Paint brushes
Letter Stencils
Cupcakes (store bought or a mix are fine)

Lets start!
Step one: Grab your cake board, I got a regular size one because you need the space for the words and to make your bouquet. This step is so easy a child could really do it. You want to use your letter stencils to trace out your words. Instead of using a pencil to trace the letter and then paint, I just painted in the letters. This honestly becomes slightly messy, so keep wet paper towels handy to wipe the paint off. As you get farther down your stencil might touch other already painted letters, so be careful of that.

Step 2: while your letters are drying you want to paint on your stems (for your flowers) and a bow. At this point I have no good tips on how to do this effectively, other than just eyeball it. As you can tell mine is not perfect, and honestly if you are giving this to your mom she is not going to care if it is not perfect, it really comes down to the thought and time! So just be creative and do your best!
Time for the cupcakes!!!
Ok, I was slightly lazy and ran out of time to make my own cupcakes. So I just ran to the store and bought 5 cupcakes. I did not want to make 24 and waste them and didn’t want them all on my board so I compromised. The limit on cupcakes is honestly up to you, so do not feel like it has to be just 5, it can be as many as you want. So grab your supplies!
Piping bags
Star icing tip
Ingredients for icing

Step 1: Make your icing! Remember my Icing recipe? Yep, I used it for this project also! My mom loves it and since the present is for her why not use it? I halved the recipe because I only did 5 and still had a lot left over. So lets make our icing!
I honestly wanted my cupcakes to look like flowers so I scrapped off the store bought icing and piped my own. So if you buy them scrape it off.
Step 2: Once you’ve made your icing you need to make it the color you want, I chose a very pretty pink by using red food coloring. Once you have that mixed up place the icing in your piping bag. BUT WAIT!!!! Before you do that lets put our tips in! Grab those plastic looking thing (aka decorating couplers) and insert the big fat piece into the bag. Get it nice and snug and then clip the end off the bag…Watch this in pictures


Screw on the bottom part and your tip. Yes, you have one piece on the inside and one on the outside. Don’t worry, this is how it should be!
Step 3: NOW it’s time to place the icing in the bag. Here is a trick I learned from my mom. Fold down the top of the bag and then insert the icing. You will have to scrape the spatula and I do this by just pinching the bag against the spatula and pulling out. Repeat until the bag is full. Twist the top so the icing doesn’t spill out when you squeeze.

Step 4: Ok, now to make this look pretty. This was my first time trying this techinique, but the more you do it the easier it gets. I did not quite get it to look like a flower, but the image was there. So what you want to do is hold your bag slightly off the cupcake and starting on the outer edge go counterclockwise (toward your body) and slowly start to circle around the cupcake. As you go around slowly work your way inside by slightly layering each rotation on each other. Squeeze easy on your bag with slow pressure. The faster you go the worse it looks.
Your finished product should look something like this. If this isn’t clear I understand…try looking for some instructional videos, but they will show you the motions but not really explain it. Just remember it doesn’t have to be perfect because it is the thought that counts!
Step 5: Lets put it all together! Grab your painted board and your cupcakes. Using your leftover icing dab some icing on the bottom of your cupcake. Now place it on one of your stems. This keeps the cupcake from moving.
Step 6: Once you’ve placed all of your cupcakes on your board your practically done. I looked at my board and decided it needed a little something more so I took the rest of my icing and placed little “flowers” on the board. To do this simply place and squeeze. The closer to your board the fatter the “flower” will be. Don’t be afraid to use different size “flowers” and go crazy until you are satisfied.
Now that you are done here it what it should look like!
Amazing isn’t it! My mom loved it! Another added bonus to this project is that I had to dust off some skills she taught me when I was younger, so this was an extra special gift for her! Enjoy and have fun!


Simple Spring Wreath

One of my newest obsessions is making wreaths. I do not get fancy in it, I go for simple and cute. So when the warmer weather started rolling in, my Christmas ornament wreath had to go and I needed a wreath that could last me the rest of a southern winter, spring, and on into summer. I admit I have a wreath for almost every season now, and I could keep going! My vision for this wreath was polka dots and flowers, colors being coral and blue, and top it off with my initial. So on a hunting trip I went. I hit up my favorite stores Hobby Lobby and Michaels to find all of this. So are you ready to see this masterpiece? Here is what you will need:
Foam wreath circle
1 Yard of fabric or a roll of ribbon (if you find that is what you want)
2 coordinating paint colors
5-7 flowers (coordinating colors and different sizes)
Paint sealant
Wooden Monogram
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters
Paint brushes

Ready to start?
Step 1: Since I wanted to paint my initial this had to be my first step because it requires several coats of paint and time to dry. My letter came from Michaels and therefore had to be painted. So grab your paint, I used the acrylic paint that can be found in the painting section at hobby lobby (if you want more choices) or even Walmart (if you are going for more basic colors). Paint the letter with your base color, in my case this would be my coral, with about 2 coats allowing time to dry in between coats.
Step 2: While your first coat is drying grab your fabric. Yes, I used fabric because I could not find ribbon that I liked. Spread out your fabric and cut in 4 inch sections length wise. In reality, if you get a yard it should be pretty close to a square, so then it would depend on your pattern. I cut 5 strips, just to be on the safe side. So that makes 5 strips that are 4 inches wide and the length of your fabric long.
Step 3: Ready for an easy step? Cut the stems off your flowers using your wire cutters. Make sure you get them as close to the flower at you can, otherwise it won’t be “flat/even”. At this point it would be a good idea to paint your second coat of your letter. Want some advice on how to shop at hobby lobby? 1st there is ALWAYS a coupon for 40% off on the internet, so get on your phone and find it to get a nice little discount on regular priced items. 2nd, if it is not on sale the week you go, go back the next week and it will be on sale. This comes in handy when buying fabric or flowers, or really anything you buy at hobby lobby!
Step 4: Grab your foam ring. Now we want to make the back of the ring flat. This is important because it helps the wreath sit flat when hanging on your door. The trick to this is making sure you have a sharp knife (like a butcher’s knife), go slow, and cut AWAY from your body. This well be a very messy step so beware!
Step 5: Time to make your letter pretty. This step may not be necessary if your vision is different. I wanted polka dots on my letter…ok I admit, what I really wanted was chevron, but that got complicated very fast so I adjusted. Squirt your coordinating color onto your plate, and use the top of your paint bottle to make the perfect size polka dot. Do not press down hard, just lightly rest it. Once you pull it off you might want to go back and use a paint brush to evenly distribute the color. Let dry!
Step 6: Grab your foam ring and your fabric strips. Time to wrap this baby up! Starting at the back (the flat side) hot glue your fabric at a slight angle to your wreath.
Let break this down to make it easier.
Wrap your fabric around gluing anytime your fabric intersects in the back. Ideally want about an inch overlap of your fabric. It is going to pucker, so just glue that down to. Do this on every rotation!

Once you end one fabric and you are ready to start on another, make sure you start in the back! Your back does not have to look pretty, but your front does!This is what your wrapping process should look like…
Now you have wrapped the whole thing, but notice those wrinkles at the top? Glue them back!
Check out how I did this! Fold back (toward the back) and glue under and in the crease.

Step 6: Spray a layer of sealer on your letter to keep it nice and shiny. This needs to dry for about 2 hours.
Step 7: Attach your flowers. First you want to lay them out and get a good idea of how you want it to look before you glue it down. I added these long ones just to give it some depth, but you do not have to!
Step 8: Once your letter has dried, attach it to your wreath and viola! You are done!
Is this not adorable! Hope you have fun, and do not be afraid to be creative! Happy crafting!!


DIY monthly onsies

One of the most popular trends right now are those cute little onsies that moms take during their baby’s first year. Makes for a great photo op and a cute way to document growth. So when I first saw them I started looking for places to by them, and wouldn’t you know they cost an arm and a leg! So I sat down and figured out how to make them. They are NOT hard at all, and can even be done within an hour before the baby shower. So what do you need to do these?
Onsies (I usually use Child o mine, because they are cheaper, but for this project I used Gerber because they had all my sizes)
1 pack 0-3 months
1 pack 3-6 months
2 packs 6-12 months
Computer transfer paper (a 3 pack usually works fine)
**Make sure your pack does not say to mirror image your image…This creates an unnecessary step, but if you do I’ll tell you how to fix it.**
A new ink cartridge and a printer (You want a new one because it uses a lot of ink, and the color might fade during printing.)
obviously a computer
pillow case
So are you ready to begin? Look out for the little tips I offer, I’ve done this about 5 times now!
Our first step would be to design or find your pattern. My first go round was for a baby girl, and what better way to do it than with a crown? I made my own on Microsoft word. The last four times I made these I had to do them for boys, at first I made my own, but couldn’t find just the right thing that would work with everybody. But what’s cuter or even more popular than the baby tie? I couldn’t find how to make this and couldn’t. And ALAS! I found a free downloadable printable I use here. So just download and print!

So lets say you picked up a pack of computer transfer paper and the directions tell you to mirror image your image (and yes I’ve done this multiple times, because I forget to read the back/instructions before I buy)…WHAT DO I DO! Take a deep breath. Two simple steps! First you want to click in Microsoft word click SAVE AS and under your file name there is a “save as type”, save it as a 1997-2003 document. This is because you can’t do this in the current versions. Second step. Find the “rotate” button. Mine is under “Page layout” but depending on your computer it might be different. Once you select your picture and rotate click “Flip Horizontal”. That should do the trick. So let me explain real quick why you want to mirror the image. The image (or number) will be backwards so you will look at it and think you’re dyslexic. So make sure you flip those numbers if your instructions tell you to!

Ok, so we’ve printed this out now to the fun part. Cut them out! So here is where we are at…
*Can you see how my numbers are flipped?

Now, lay the image where you want it (color side down) and press it! But hold on! Here is a little tip, you are going to lay it on a cotton pillow case. You want something to absorb the heat otherwise your transfer won’t work right. Place your pillow case on a hard surface, I use my counter top. Do not use an ironing board!
*Notice, my number appears normal now that it’s ironed on

Press firmly along all edges and do not use your steam setting! This should take about a minute. Once done lay to the side and let cool. Conveniently this lets you do another one.
Next, you’ve got all of your images ironed on, so the next thing you do is remove the paper. Do this very slowly and after it has completely cooled otherwise your image might come off around the edges!
Continue to do this on all onsies, and please make sure the number corresponds with the right onsie size. That’s it yall! Aren’t they so cute?! Have fun.
One final tip, when you wrap it try a long clothes box once you’ve folded those cute little things! Enjoy!

Low Calorie Shepherds Pie

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share one of my favorite low calorie recipes! This is my “diet” comfort food! This recipes makes two personal sized Shepherds Pies, one for me and one for my husband. * CALORIE COUNT IS LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RECIPE 🙂


8 oz of 96/4 ground beef

¼ cup whole wheat flour

½ cup of peas (Green Giant)

2 cups of beef stock

1 cup chopped baby carrots

4 cups cauliflower

2 TBS Light Sour Cream

Parkay Butter Spray

2 tsp Dried Rosemary

Take the 4 cups of cauliflower and put them in a bot of water to boil. Cook until the cauliflower is very soft, this should only take a few minutes.

Take the ground beef and brown in a pan. Once the ground beef is cooked add the carrots and the peas. Season the meat and vegetable mixture with salt, pepper and 2 tsp rosemary. Then add the 1/4 cup of flour and stir until it coats all the meat and vegetables.



Slowly add the 2 cups beef stock a little at a time. Cook until the mixture thickens.


Once the mixture is thick, separate the mixture equally into two small casserole dishes.


Drain the cauliflower and put into a food processor. Blend the cauliflower with 2 TBS Light Sour Cream, a few squirts of Parkay Butter Spray, Salt and Pepper.


Spread the cauliflower mash on top of the meat and vegetable mixture and put into a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.


*Now if your husband is anything like mine, he will know that it is cauliflower and not the traditional topping for Shepherds Pie, which is mashed potatoes. Which is exactly why I make these PERSONAL SIZED Shepherds Pies. I top mine with the cauliflower mash and his gets the more regular (I think more boring) option. If your husband decides that potatoes are the best option for him, only two cups of cauliflower and 1 TBS of light sour cream will be required for topping only one Shepherds Pie. 


The Shepherds Pie on the left is the one topped with cauliflower mash and the one on the right is topped with mashed potatoes.




4 OZ 96/4 Ground Beef- 130 Calories

TBS of Whole Wheat Flour- 50 Calories

1/4 Cup of Green Giant Peas- 25 Calories

1 Cup Beef Stock- 17 Calories

1/2 Cup Baby Carrots Chopped- 12 Calories

2 Cups Cauliflower- 54 Calories

1 TBS Light Sour Cream- 20 Calories

Parkay Butter Spray- 0 Calories

Dried Rosemary








Springtime Garden Cupcakes

It’s time for spring and get creative and fun! I am NOT a cake decorator by any stretch of the imagination. I just want to let you know that with the right tools and a little patience you can do something neat and pretty. So grab your favorite cake mix and white icing and get to work. Make your cupcakes and let cool Last week I posted how to make icing so while your cupcakes are cooling, make your icing.
So your ready to ice your cupcakes. This is what you need:
an icing device (pastry bag, tube, or if your desperate a plastic bag)
an icing tip
Green food coloring
Candy eggs
and lets not forget your icing and cupcakes
Ready. Set. Ice!
Remember my icing is white, so to make it look like grass we need to add food coloring. I used about half a bottle of green dye to get this, but if you want a darker green you might need to use the whole bottle.
To get this look you’ll need a tip that looks like this
insert it into your device and fill with icing.
Now, grab your icing device. I used a pampered chef icing tube, but you can get something similar at Wal-Mart and they come with different tips. But PLEASE, do NOT buy the little accordion like icer’s that they sell, you will waste so much icing. Starting in the middle of your cupcake make short pumps to make little grass like dots all the way out to the sides. *Hint do not hold to close to the cupcake or it will make it fall flat and fat. Hold it about 1/2 and inch away and pull up when you pump.*
Sound confusing? Yep, here is what it looks like in pictures.


Don’t go for perfect, go for fun! I promise it gets easier the more you do it. But be aware your thumb will start hurting because it will be a long slow process.
To add even more Spring into these cupcakes, grab some candy that looks like eggs. For mine I used M & M’s. Place on cupcakes
Not hard at all is it? Slow and steady, and with practice it gets easier. Enjoy your cupcakes!

Better Than Bakery Buttercream Icing!

I LOVE sweets. But honestly who doesn’t? I love getting cupcakes from stores, all that yummy sweetness that doesn’t come in a can, I just don’t like buying a whole batch and eating them because hey “THAT IS NOT HEALTHY”. Well, neither is this recipe, but at least you can make your own cupcakes with a cake mix of your choosing. This buttercream icing is AMAZING and practically perfect!
I found an amazing recipe at glorious treats and as I’ve made it multiple times in the past year, it has become my go to recipe but I've played around with it. So here is what you need.
1 stick softened (unsalted) butter
1/2 cup of crisco shortening
1/4 teaspoon of salt
4 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla flavoring (or your favorite flavoring)
2-3 Tablespoons of cream/milk
So ready to get on to this yummy deliciousness? I am so here we go!
Step one:
Cream (or mix) together butter and Crisco with a beater until smooth. If your a fancy baker like my co-author Brayden and have a fancy kitchen aid use a whisk attachment, but for all of our occasional bakers using an electric mixer is just fine. So once you’ve mixed them together it should look something like this.
Step Two:
Add you salt and mix together. I know some of you are thinking why add salt when we are using unsalted butter. Why can’t we just use salted butter. Salt helps cut the icky sweetness of all the butter.
Step 3:
Once you’ve added the salt slowly add the first 2 cups of powdered sugar. DO NOT pour all the powdered sugar in at once, because this will make a mess and mess with the texture of the icing.
Add about 1/2 to 3/4 cup at a time and beat with your mixer until combined and continue until the 2 cups are mixed. It should look something like this:
Step 4:
Add 1 table spoon of cream. Ok, WAIT 1 MINUTE, I don’t EVER use cream is this really necessary. Nope I, just use regular milk and it works just fine. I am a casual baker and won’t go and buy a whole thing just to use it once. Waste not want not, right? Mix this together and it should look kind of slimy, but still thick.

Step 5:
Add the remaining powdered sugar, slowly just like you did in step 3. It is going to be really thick, so this is where the rest of the milk/cream come in handy. Add one tablespoon at a time until you get the texture that you want. Should be smooth and fluffy. This is what it should look like when done.
Step 6:
Ice your cupcake (or cake) and enjoy!

Easy Easter Fruit Kabob Garden

Happy Easter! He is RISEN…He is Risen indeed! I know many of us celebrate Easter with the easter bunny and hiding eggs, but I want to take a moment and then God that he saved us all and He is the reason this holiday exists. Not the Easter Bunny. He died and on the 3rd day he rose again to save us ALL from sin so that we can live in eternity with him if we choose.
We all know that the best part of holidays is decorating and getting together with family. So, I thought I would post something very quick and easy to take to a family get together. And when I say quick, it literally took me 15 minutes to make. So here is what you need.

Something to put it in (i.e. Clay pots, wooden drawer, or anything hollow)
Piece of foam
Easter grass
Kabob sticks

So this is something you can be very creative with. I used a really cute silverware sorter that I had laying around the house to do my project, but you can use just about anything. Once you have gathered your supplies lets get busy!

Step one: Cut your foam to fit your container
This worked for me because I used a hard square container. All I had to do was place and push.

Step 2: As you can tell you are going to get a full container of foam and we don’t want that. So pull it out and cut it in half! I needed another piece so I used what I had left over and repeated the process to get a third piece.

Step 3: Place your foam pieces inside of your container. So it should look something like this. *One of my pieces are not as thick, so it sits lower, but it’s not a big deal. If it bothers you add a small piece of foam.

Step 4: Add your grass. In this step a little goes along way, and all I used was just a pinch. Just set it in there, no gluing or anything!

Step 5: Cut your fruit and place them on your Kabob sticks. It does not matter how you cut it just whatever you think looks cool. So here is what it should look like. (I haven’t cut all my fruit because I want it fresh for tomorrow)


Told you it was fast and easy. The longest part will be cutting your fruit. There is literally no way to mess this up. Have fun and be creative with this project!

Jewlery Orginatization

So if you saw my previous post on Distressed Photo Frames you know that my goal was to organize my jewelry. So I took those beautiful distressed frames and added to them.
Once you’ve distressed your frames it’s time to be creative in how you want to organize your jewelry. I chose to use a chicken wire for my dangly earring, hook screws and knobs for my necklaces. So this is how to finish this part. Time to grab your supplies!
Chicken Wire
Paint and brushes
Dowel rod
Hook screws
Cabinet knobs
Super glue
Staple Gun


Step One:
Cut your wire down to size my measuring your frame and marking around the perimeter. And paint that nasty stuff! Since mine was old and used I had to do something to make it look better, so the painting is optional. I also wanted a rod to hang watches on cut an old dowel rod down to size and painted that to.

You’ll notice that I just marked the perimeter of the chicken wire with a sharpie. From there I used wire cutters to cut around that line. Watch your hands! It gets kind of sticky.

Paint the nasty chicken wire, but this is optional, but necessary for me!

*** Cutting the Rod***
We’ve heard the saying “Measure twice and cut once” the theory applies here. However, once I cut I decided to flip my frames so I had to cut my rod again. So here is how I did it. I measured the inside of the frame and then cut it an inch shorter that that because I used the bigger screw hooks.

Step two:
While your wire and rod are drying go ahead and screw in your hook screws where ever you want and add your knobs. Please don’t be afraid to be creative in this process. It all depends on what you want it to look like! Hint~ Hot glue does not work for this project, I used it at first and my knobs kept falling off so I resorted to super glue. This is the only time I’ve run into this problem, and I think it’s because of the Vaseline on the frames.


Step 3:
Grab your dry chicken wire and place it on the back of your frame using your staple gun. I did my chicken wire the length of the back of the frame, which in hindsight adds a slight hiccup when your hanging them against the wall, but is not bad. You might want to add it to where the glass usually rests, but that is up to you.


Also in this step we want to add the hangers to the frames, so here is an easy way to do that. Measure the back of the frame and find the center. Mark your hole and add your hangers. There are many different types of hangers and I personally used three different kinds of hangers for this project, but this process works the same.


Lay it out on your wall and Hang them up (which y’all can see on my next post!) and then hang your jewelry on them!


Just in case you were wondering, the little drawer is holding my stud earrings, but can be used for anything. The towel rod at the bottom is totally optional to, but it caught my overflow of necklaces and of course my scarves!
Tip and Trick ~ please don’t be afraid to be creative at this point there is no right and wrong, it just depends on the space and how you want it to look.
That’s it y’all! But please don’t forget to hang the jewelry on it, trust me it adds a whole new element to it!


Have fun and be creative!
~ Katie

Distressed Photo Frames

So I browse pinterest ALOT, and lately I’ve been loving the distressed furniture look. However, I won’t do a project unless I have some functional reason for it, so I open my jewelry drawers and WHAT A MESS and VIOLA I have a functional reason to do a project! What girl wants to pull out and have to untangle a wad of necklaces? Not me! So I took the need to organize the my pinterest obsession, unorganized jewelry drawer, and need to do an actual project and had some fun.

Distressing furniture is actually an easy project, and thanks to my hoarding grandparents I found everything I needed at their house. To distress furniture you only need 7-8 things and is only 5 easy steps to distress and just a few more to make it for jewelry organizer. So this is what we need:


Frames (Whatever size and however many you need, OR whatever piece of furniture you want to work on)

Primer (Optional)

2 paint colors for each frame

Paint brushes (Foam or regular, whatever you have around is fine)



Steel Wool Pad

Old table cloth (to cover your work space)

Optional: gloves to paint in (I’m a messy painter, so this is a must for me)


So once I’ve gathered all my supplies ( and my favorite form of entertainment, movies!)First Step: (Which is actually 3 step in 1) First, to state the obvious, I take out the glass and the backing of the frames, and pull out the staples that held the backing in, and sand them down. Second, grab the sandpaper! I originally was told to use the “block sander” but I found that this didn’t work well on these frames because of the ridges. So, instead I cut small pieces of sandpaper and sanded away. This step in important because it takes off the shine and helps prepare the frames for paint. Once you’ve sanded away and all the shine is gone wipe off all the dust with a wet rag or paper towel to clean your work area.


Second Step:

Prime the frames with a good primer (this is optional, but has been drilled into me to do anytime I paint). The reason to prime is to prepare a good adhesive surface or just so the old color doesn’t show through. So it basically gives you a blank canvas to paint on. So if you skip the primer, or even if you do prime, the next step is to paint you base coat of paint. I am using 4 different colors because I want my frames to look different. So I painted the base coat either a white or a dark blue.

Third Step:
Once you’ve painted and allowed to dry (about an hour or two should do) grab the Vaseline. I know why would you this? The purpose is to keep the top coat from soaking into the wood, and allows the distressing part to be easier. It actually does make a difference. I forgot this step on my white frames and when I went to distress it didn’t work as well. Do not use a lot, just a very thin layer otherwise it’s just a slimy mess.

Fourth Step:
Add your top layer of paint. For my project it was a white and a light blue. Let dry (again for an hour or two).

Fifth Step:
Grab a steel wool contraption. Kind of like an SOS pad without the soap. I found a huge one at Walmart for a dollar! I cut mine up, because like the sandpaper smaller pieces worked better. However, if you are doing this on a large piece of furniture you won’t have to cut it up. Rub GENTLY to remove some of the top layer of paint. Do not get in to much of a rush. Rub as much as you would like, but for this I found that less is more. So rub until you have found a happy rustic look.

Sixth Step:
GO SHOW IT OFF! I showed the guy’s in my house and their response was “ It looks old” which is exactly the look I was going for.

I am absolutely In love with these frames. So once you know the basic process you can do just about anything. I chose to take these and make them into a jewelry organizer. Look for my next post!
~ Katie

Low Calorie Soda Pop Cupcakes

On my personal health journey, usually dessert is the enemy. But, not this dessert. Low calorie soda cupcakes are one of my personal favorites. With only two ingredients it makes them very easy to make. All you need is sugar free cake mix and diet soda. I know what your thinking… But, it is possible, it’s kinda like magic. I top these wonderful cupcakes with one of two frostings, chocolate or peanut butter.

(Calorie Count for each cupcake is located at the bottom)

Here’s how you get started…



(Pillsbury sugar free cake mix also comes in a chocolate variety)

You can use any kind of diet soda you prefer. You could try chocolate cake mix with diet cherry soda or yellow cake mix with diet orange or peach soda. The possibilities with this recipe are endless.

After pouring cake mix into bowl or mixer add 12oz of diet soda.



Make sure you measure, It’s IMPORTANT! Then mix to combine. It should turn out something like this…



After everything is thoroughly mixed, add 2TBS of batter to each cupcake liner.

Bake at 325 for 19 to 23 min as directed by box.


Now, it’s time for the best part the FROSTING!!!



My hubby’s personal favorite is chocolate Image

But, if you would like something a little more adventurous than canned frosting try this PB2 frosting recipe.



I buy my PB2 from amazon, it’s an amazing product.

I mix 1 tsp of PB2 powder with 1tsp of water and then fold it into 2TBS of fat free cool whip. It makes a delicious subtle peanut butter frosting without all the calories of regular peanut butter.


If you were wondering, they are more delicious than they look! A yummy treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty!



Calorie Count

Let’s start with the cupcakes themselves.



The  whole box of cake mix is 1,400 calories. Diet Soda is 0 calories. Divided by 24 cupcakes = 58.3333 calories per cupcake.


Pillsbury Sugar Free Chocolate Frosting is 100 Calories for 2TBS. I usually use 1TBS per cupcake. 

One cupcake with chocolate frosting = 108.333 calories



Each tsp of PB2 powder is 7.5 calories + 2 TBS of cool whip which is 15 calories = 22.5 Calories for the peanut butter frosting

One cupcake with peanut butter frosting = 80.83333 calories


Hope you enjoy making them as much as I did! 🙂