Reversible DIY Hammock Cover

Last week we had some pretty cool, un-summer like weather so I pulled out my hammock. There is no better way to spend those nice days than out in the hammock with a good book. However, my hammock is a few years old and by now my strings are quite rough and don’t feel that great. So what I normally do is lay a towel down, but I got tired of always having to readjusting it. So my solution was to get a hammock cover. I’d seen them on some of the newer ones and my mind said “Hey why don’t you just make one!” So I looked and looked for a tutorial but couldn’t find one so I created my own. It really is VERY easy! If you can cut semi straight, sew a straight line, and follow simple instructions you will knock this out super quickly!

3 ½ yards of 2 coordinating OUTDOOR fabric
Coordinating thread
Pack of snaps
Sewing machine

Lets get started!!!

First things first. You want to measure your hammock. Mine measured out to 7 feet tall and 5 ft wide.

Next, when you go to pick out your fabric do not buy the regular fabric on the small bolts of fabric, you want to look on the ones on the big rolls. Also when look for fabric that is made for the outdoors and will resist water, fading, and mildew. These are going to be slightly more expensive, but I caught it on sale and had a coupon so it was not so bad. I chose to get two different fabrics to make it reversible.

Fabric pieces

Now lets get down to business.

First step, Lets cut out all of out pieces. We will essentially have three different sections that we cut BED, PILLOW, and STRAPS. I like to put a pillow on the hammock as I read so I made an optional pillow pocket to easily slide the pillow in and out. For the BED piece you want to cut it 82 inches long, cut a piece this long from each fabric. For the PILLOW piece you need to cut a 24 inch piece from each fabric. For the STRAPS pieces you will need 4 – 7 inch tall by 4 inches wide- 4 from each fabric.

So in total you will have 2-BED pieces, 2 PILLOW pieces, 8 Strap pieces.

Next we want to sew our straps. Placing right sides together, sew around three sides . Leave one side of the strap open. Once you have the three sides sewn turn the strap right side out. Top stich around those three sides. Top stitching creates a nice finished look.


Top stiching.

Place the two PILLOW piece right side together and sew along one short side.

Next, place one side of the long PILLOW piece on top of the BED piece, open it up so only once side of the BED piece. Once again place right sides together. Place two of your straps in between the two layers at the top. The STRAPS should be place with the raw edge (the not sewn side) out side of the fabric, while the majority is inside of the two layers. Sew around the short side of the fabric. Sew with a 5/8 seam allowance.

Now we need to sew together this very large piece to the remaining BED piece. Place 2 straps in between the layers, just like you did before. Sew the final BED piece to the other side of the long PILLOW piece. Once again right sides together.


Now, take the time to pin around all the long edges. You want the right sides together, with the pillow piece folded out. Place the following 4 STRAP pieces around the bottom. 2 on top of each other, with the raw edge of the outside of the fabric. Sew around the long edges and the bottom piece. Remember leave a pretty decent gap at the bottom (or around one side) so you can turn it right side out. I left about a 7 inch gap because it is a lot of fabric to pull through.


Sew along the edges

Turn your fabric right side out. Once this is done you want to turn your gap inside and pin. Top stitch around the sides and bottom. Doing this you will sew up that gap you left when you turn it right side out.

At this point you are basically done, the straps will easily tie to your hammock, but I decided I wanted to add little snaps to the strap to make it easier. Place the straps around the hammock and decide where you want the straps to be. Use a fabric marker to mark these places. Place the snaps on your markers. Be careful of how you place these. You want the “pointy” ball end to be one side of the strap and the holder on the opposite side of the strap. Follow the instructions on the pack.





TADA!!!! You are done!! Go place it on your hammock, grab a pillow and a good book and enjoy!
finished Product!
Tie Straps
Pillow pocket
All in one! I was quite happy because it all came from my head!



DIY Car Napkin Holder

Admit it, we all eat fast food at some point or another. In those fast food bags we get napkins that we rarely use and they usually get thrown into someplace taking up a lot of unnecessary space, but we still keep them because of those emergencies that are inevitable. In my car I have a small glove box and a lot of napkins, so I set out to create something to keep them organized and neat so they don’t take up a lot of space. So here is what we need.


1/2 yard of fabric

sewing machine/serger 

Our first step is to cut our fabric. You will have 3 different strips.

Here are the dimensions: (Long x Wide)

Top & Bottom – cut 2 8” x 5”

Sides- Cut 2 8” x 2 ½”

Top & Bottom Sides- Cut 2 10” x 2 ½”

You should have 2 of each which equals 6 pieces all together.


Step 2: Next you want to pin right sides of your fabric together. I usually do one side at a time, but you can pin all on. For the sake of this tutorial you will see one side at a time and the top and the two side pieces first. Hint: When I say right sides together, I mean patterned side together.


Step 3: Sew your sides together. Ok, I was slightly lazy and decided to just serge the edges instead of sew and serge, but it works just fine.


Step 4: Once you have your top piece and two side pieces sewn together you want to grab your top & bottom side piece and sew it onto what you have.

Step 5: Now grab your bottom piece and sew it to your other sides.  Remember keep right sides together as you sew.  It should look something like this when your done.


Step 6: Fold down your top/bottom side down and pin the middle to the bottom piece.


Step 7: You are going to have these triangular corners, and that OK! What you want to do now is pin the sides  and sew along the side. Don’t sew on the angle sew on the side where you’ve already sewn.  Now, you’ve sewn one side, but you want to continue around each of the edges. Do this to both the top and the bottom.

Once you’ve sewn all sides together you should have something that looks like this!


Step 8: Notice, I didn’t tell you to leave a gap or not sew completely around to turn it right side out?  So how do we get the pretty side t show? Well that’s where this step come in. Pinch in the middle and snip. And then cut your sides and your other short side. You should have something that looks like this. I made a really big hole because I wanted ease of access in case of those emergencies, and for easy loading and unloading of those pesky napkins.


Step 9: Serge where you’ve just cut to keep the fabric from fraying. OK, we are not all fancy and have sergers, so if you just have a sewing machine what you want to do is fold your edges down and sew around the edge.


Step 10: Turn right side out! Should look like this!


Step 11: Stuff with your napkins


When all is said and done, your finished product should look like this!


Enjoy! And I hope keeps those napkins organized!












Mothers Day Cupcake Bouquet

Mothers day was a few weeks ago, and as the only girl in my family the responsibility of doing something for my mom falls to me. I am one of the strange people out there who do not like jewelry or flowers on commercialized holidays or even my birthday, to me it seems like “Well, this is what every woman wants” and not a lot of thought goes into the gift. Case in point I walk into Walmart the Saturday before Mother’s Day and they have a whole aisle of flowers and men buying them right and left. So I decided to make a twist of a flower bouquet. I decided to give my mom a cupcake bouquet. What is better than a pretty presentation and chocolate? Nothing right! So here is how to give the perfect gift to any woman for any holiday or birthday!

Cake board
Ingredients for icing
Paint brushes
Letter Stencils
Cupcakes (store bought or a mix are fine)

Lets start!
Step one: Grab your cake board, I got a regular size one because you need the space for the words and to make your bouquet. This step is so easy a child could really do it. You want to use your letter stencils to trace out your words. Instead of using a pencil to trace the letter and then paint, I just painted in the letters. This honestly becomes slightly messy, so keep wet paper towels handy to wipe the paint off. As you get farther down your stencil might touch other already painted letters, so be careful of that.

Step 2: while your letters are drying you want to paint on your stems (for your flowers) and a bow. At this point I have no good tips on how to do this effectively, other than just eyeball it. As you can tell mine is not perfect, and honestly if you are giving this to your mom she is not going to care if it is not perfect, it really comes down to the thought and time! So just be creative and do your best!
Time for the cupcakes!!!
Ok, I was slightly lazy and ran out of time to make my own cupcakes. So I just ran to the store and bought 5 cupcakes. I did not want to make 24 and waste them and didn’t want them all on my board so I compromised. The limit on cupcakes is honestly up to you, so do not feel like it has to be just 5, it can be as many as you want. So grab your supplies!
Piping bags
Star icing tip
Ingredients for icing

Step 1: Make your icing! Remember my Icing recipe? Yep, I used it for this project also! My mom loves it and since the present is for her why not use it? I halved the recipe because I only did 5 and still had a lot left over. So lets make our icing!
I honestly wanted my cupcakes to look like flowers so I scrapped off the store bought icing and piped my own. So if you buy them scrape it off.
Step 2: Once you’ve made your icing you need to make it the color you want, I chose a very pretty pink by using red food coloring. Once you have that mixed up place the icing in your piping bag. BUT WAIT!!!! Before you do that lets put our tips in! Grab those plastic looking thing (aka decorating couplers) and insert the big fat piece into the bag. Get it nice and snug and then clip the end off the bag…Watch this in pictures


Screw on the bottom part and your tip. Yes, you have one piece on the inside and one on the outside. Don’t worry, this is how it should be!
Step 3: NOW it’s time to place the icing in the bag. Here is a trick I learned from my mom. Fold down the top of the bag and then insert the icing. You will have to scrape the spatula and I do this by just pinching the bag against the spatula and pulling out. Repeat until the bag is full. Twist the top so the icing doesn’t spill out when you squeeze.

Step 4: Ok, now to make this look pretty. This was my first time trying this techinique, but the more you do it the easier it gets. I did not quite get it to look like a flower, but the image was there. So what you want to do is hold your bag slightly off the cupcake and starting on the outer edge go counterclockwise (toward your body) and slowly start to circle around the cupcake. As you go around slowly work your way inside by slightly layering each rotation on each other. Squeeze easy on your bag with slow pressure. The faster you go the worse it looks.
Your finished product should look something like this. If this isn’t clear I understand…try looking for some instructional videos, but they will show you the motions but not really explain it. Just remember it doesn’t have to be perfect because it is the thought that counts!
Step 5: Lets put it all together! Grab your painted board and your cupcakes. Using your leftover icing dab some icing on the bottom of your cupcake. Now place it on one of your stems. This keeps the cupcake from moving.
Step 6: Once you’ve placed all of your cupcakes on your board your practically done. I looked at my board and decided it needed a little something more so I took the rest of my icing and placed little “flowers” on the board. To do this simply place and squeeze. The closer to your board the fatter the “flower” will be. Don’t be afraid to use different size “flowers” and go crazy until you are satisfied.
Now that you are done here it what it should look like!
Amazing isn’t it! My mom loved it! Another added bonus to this project is that I had to dust off some skills she taught me when I was younger, so this was an extra special gift for her! Enjoy and have fun!