Back to School Teacher Bouquet

Here in Tennessee it is back to school time. I don’t have any kids but I never miss the chance to make cute back to school gifts for my teacher mother. Today is no different. One of the essentials for teachers are expo markers. So while browsing pinterest I ran across this bouquet idea that was adorable for a teachers desk. Once I figured out how I was going to do this it was an easy project. Ready to get started?

Large clay pot (Plain or decorated)
16 pack of expo markers
Green tissue paper (or Easter grass)
paint (in your choice of colors)
Styrofoam square
Construction paper
Hole Punch

First we are going to paint our “#1 teacher” onto our pot. I used a reusable stencil set, because I am not a big fan of my handwriting. Now if you are more creative and artsy feel free to do it yourself. In order to keep my pot still I had to prop it up, but I just used two paper towels to keep it steady as I painted.




*Hint with this brand of stickers I found that it was easier to pull them off while the paint was wet…not dry. So, whatever brand you use try it out first to see what works better.

Second, next we want to cut out our flowers. I used 4 different colors (yellow, pink, blue, and purple). **Hint* an easy way to cut out the flowers is to stack the papers and then staple the corners. Now, I used a flower stencil…well an oval traced 4 times to create the flower. I found that not cutting all the way down created a better flower than what you think it should be. Remember you want to leave space in the middle for a hole.





Now that our flower are cut out, lets put a hole in the center. I found that doing one hole and then punching slightly out twice was the best way. Once you have the hole punched place them on the top of the expo marker. Don’t worry about permanently attaching the flowers to the top because the teacher will pull them off as they use them.





Now it’s time to fix up the inside. First, either grab your green Easter grass, OR if you’re like me your tissue paper and a shredder. I had to get creative to get my grass, so I ran 3 sheets of tissue paper through my extra fine shredder. I ended up with grass like pieces.


Now take your Styrofoam piece, I used a square piece that just sat in the pot. I did this in case my mom, or your teacher, can use it for another purpose and not have a mess.
Now notice…I have some space on the sides. To fix this I cut four pieces of paper and rounded the corners and taped them on. I did this so my “Grass” did not fall through the cracks and then I would end up with a nice even coat of “Grass”. Add the grass once the inside is fixed up. If you do it later it will be slightly harder to get a nice even coat.



Almost done! To stick the markers into the Styrofoam I used toothpicks and tape. I simply taped the toothpick to the outside of the marker, leaving overhang at the top to prevent the toothpick from sliding. After than I used another piece to wrap around the bottom. Please note, do not use hot glue on these because it will mess up how the marker top sits in the bottom while in use.




Now notice I put the toothpick at the bottom of the “USA”. I did this because I needed the markers in the middle to be taller than the ones on the outside. For the markers on the outside, tape the tip of the toothpick at the top of the “USA”.

Now when sticking the markers in start in the middle using your “taller” markers and work your way out. Don’t worry of the “flowers” fall off, you can easily put them back on.


TADA!!! You’re finished! Now notice that my pot is more decorated than I talked about, and you are more that able to decorate as you please. I definitely wanted more than the #1 teacher. Y’all enjoy, have fun, and have a great back to school season!




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