Candy Sucker Bouquet

Every day you want something that looks pretty, but also serves a functional purpose. This project is an easy project and really should only take an hour. I use this candy sucker bouquet as desk ornamentation, but for functionality it gives me something for an empty stomach that I get from the inevitable days where I end up working through lunch or as treats for kids. It is a simple project that even kids can do. Y’all ready to start?

Clay pot (either painted or unpainted)
Styrofoam ball
Hot glue gun/sticks
1 bag of dum dum suckers (300 pack)

I chose to use an already painted pot, but if you choose to paint your pot you will want to use an acrylic paint and then use a sealer to make it shiny. This will add an extra few hours due to the drying process.

I found all my stuff at walmart but if you can’t find it there check out your local craft stores. While at the store you want to find a Styrofoam ball that fits nice and snug inside the pot. There is no need to cut the Styrofoam ball so it just needs to fit inside it.

Now once you’re at home, grab your glue gun and place the Styrofoam ball into the pot and glue around the edges, like so…

Now once the hot glue has cooled you can start adding the suckers. I started at the bottom on this one with a slight angle down just to keep the Styrofoam ball from showing. Once I did that initial row I went to the top center and worked out from there. I placed them as close as I could as straight as I could. Have fun with part there is no right or wrong.

See now its nice and pretty. Place it and display it. It creates a nice conversation piece at work and adds just enough functionality. The bonus to this project is once all of the suckers are eaten you can easily replace them into the holes already made. 1 bag will roughly give you two bouquets. I love it and the people at work enjoy it, so enjoy!


~ Katie


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