Patriotic Wreath

Summer time is here! It’s time for backyard BBQ’s, ball games, and patriotic holidays! I love summer and I love my country, so when I sat down to make this project I wanted something that could work for all of the patriotic holidays. It’s really easy and very simple. So lets get started.

Foam Wreath
1 Roll of solid blue ribbon
1-2 Rolls of red and white stripped Ribbon
Pack of glitter letters
Hot glue gun/sticks

First we want to cut off just the back of your wreath to make it flat. This helps with the wreath laying flat against the door.


Next step! You want to mark off the section you want the blue ribbon to go. Once you do that grab your hot glue gun and start gluing.


Now you want to wrap (without gluing) the ribbon to see how you want it to look. This is really a personal preference so eyeball it, but I just wrapped the ribbon so that the edges slightly overlapped.


So once you’ve figured out how you want your ribbon to wrap, start with the gluing. I did a line on the previous section and a line on the foam so the ribbon lays on it.



This is what it should look like.


Now on to the second ribbon. Starting in the back, where your blue ended, glue and wrap. The best way I found to get the best long term wrap is overlapping the ribbon about 1/2 and inch. Just pull tight and glue like you did in the blue section.


This is what it should look like.


Kind of plain isn’t it? Lets jazz it up. Grab your glitter stickers and your string and lets get started.

Figure out what you want it to say and how you want it to look and find your letters. In my case, I wanted something that would be good for the whole summer, so I decided on “God Bless America”.



Once you’ve figured out how you want it to look, flip it over and peel off the back of the sticker. This makes the placement on the string A LOT easier!


Now you want to glue your string on. Figure out where you want your words to be place one end on the back of your wreath. When doing this I placed a generous amount of glue on the end of the string, and once it cooled off enough to touch I pressed down on it. I think I get a better hold when I do that.


Now you want to glue your letters on. I did a line or dots where the string touched the letters. Eventually I realized that some of the letter liked to tilt because there wasn’t enough weight on the letter to keep it right side up. My solution was just to put a dot of glue to even the weight.



Once you’ve attached that’s it! Now you have a simple patriotic wreath that is good for all patriotic holidays!


Thanks for visiting!


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