Baby Boy Tux Bib

So in my family all I have is boys, and I like cute things, but you can’t buy cute things for little boys. So with all the little boy baby showers I’ve been to recently I’ve settled on one really cute handmade baby boy gift. The original idea came from a crochet pattern, but that is one thing that I’ve never learned how to do. So I pulled out my sewing machine and made this adorable Tuxedo Bib! Ready?


2 Hand towels- 1 black and 1 white

3 black buttons

Snap clasps


Lets cut out the fabric of both the black and white towels. The best way I have found to do this is by using an old bib at an outline. So what you want to do is lay out the real bib, folded in half and cut around the outline.

Next we want to measure the length of the bib. Cut out the middle 3 inches of the black fabric. DSC05904

Now, cut three inches of your white towel And pin right sides together. So all together you will have three pieces. 2 Black side pieces and 1 small middle pieces. For this project it doesn’t really matter which side is the right side as long as it lays out like a bib. So once you’ve pinned one side sew it, then do the other side. Should end up with something like this. DSC05910
Now, you want to attach your buttons. You want to do this step here because you don’t want the thread from attaching them shown on the back.
Once you have the front of the bib sewn together you will want to attach the front (the one with the buttons) to the one solid white piece (Back). Pin around the edges and sew. I usually sew a seam that lines up with the edge of my presser foot. You want to leave a 2 inch gap between your start and stopping points, so you can turn this thing right side out in a minute.
Now turn it right side out. You’ll have to pull and push those neck pieces a little to get the right look. Sew that gap up using the same seam allowance as you did for the inside.


Now we want to attach our clasps. Lay out where you want them. To get them to fit right I had to give the area a little haircut. Follow the instructions on the package for attachment purposes. But here is how I did mine.




That’s it ya’ll! It so cute! It can be worn to all the nice little places that families go.



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