DIY Car Napkin Holder

Admit it, we all eat fast food at some point or another. In those fast food bags we get napkins that we rarely use and they usually get thrown into someplace taking up a lot of unnecessary space, but we still keep them because of those emergencies that are inevitable. In my car I have a small glove box and a lot of napkins, so I set out to create something to keep them organized and neat so they don’t take up a lot of space. So here is what we need.


1/2 yard of fabric

sewing machine/serger 

Our first step is to cut our fabric. You will have 3 different strips.

Here are the dimensions: (Long x Wide)

Top & Bottom – cut 2 8” x 5”

Sides- Cut 2 8” x 2 ½”

Top & Bottom Sides- Cut 2 10” x 2 ½”

You should have 2 of each which equals 6 pieces all together.


Step 2: Next you want to pin right sides of your fabric together. I usually do one side at a time, but you can pin all on. For the sake of this tutorial you will see one side at a time and the top and the two side pieces first. Hint: When I say right sides together, I mean patterned side together.


Step 3: Sew your sides together. Ok, I was slightly lazy and decided to just serge the edges instead of sew and serge, but it works just fine.


Step 4: Once you have your top piece and two side pieces sewn together you want to grab your top & bottom side piece and sew it onto what you have.

Step 5: Now grab your bottom piece and sew it to your other sides.  Remember keep right sides together as you sew.  It should look something like this when your done.


Step 6: Fold down your top/bottom side down and pin the middle to the bottom piece.


Step 7: You are going to have these triangular corners, and that OK! What you want to do now is pin the sides  and sew along the side. Don’t sew on the angle sew on the side where you’ve already sewn.  Now, you’ve sewn one side, but you want to continue around each of the edges. Do this to both the top and the bottom.

Once you’ve sewn all sides together you should have something that looks like this!


Step 8: Notice, I didn’t tell you to leave a gap or not sew completely around to turn it right side out?  So how do we get the pretty side t show? Well that’s where this step come in. Pinch in the middle and snip. And then cut your sides and your other short side. You should have something that looks like this. I made a really big hole because I wanted ease of access in case of those emergencies, and for easy loading and unloading of those pesky napkins.


Step 9: Serge where you’ve just cut to keep the fabric from fraying. OK, we are not all fancy and have sergers, so if you just have a sewing machine what you want to do is fold your edges down and sew around the edge.


Step 10: Turn right side out! Should look like this!


Step 11: Stuff with your napkins


When all is said and done, your finished product should look like this!


Enjoy! And I hope keeps those napkins organized!













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