Good cleaning material!

Never underestimate the power of a good cleaning material! Sorry this isn’t a tutorial i just know both of us are super busy this week and we all need a little simplicity in our lives. Last week my car sprang a leak and caused me to have a completely wet seat and flirt board. So, in the process I learned a lot about taking apart my car. Well in that process I had to let the carpets dry. When they dried i got some UGLY brown spots! So I went in a search for something that would clean it up. I had tried many different cleaning products and nothing seemed to work. That is, Untill I came across this product!

It works amazing on deep set in stains. I have grey interiorior and I see everything dirt wise and even water spots. In the past I’ve had my car professionally detailed, and this stuff worked better than the detailer. It drys dry…no wet mess! Just spray on, let sit for 30 seconds to a minute and use top to scrub. There was one spot in my car that was really dirty and stained brown and I had to use it multiple times. But it’s much better now…and even better than when I had it detailed!
Ladies don’t be afraid to get out and clean your cars! It’s not hard! Grab your favorite vacuum and use yiur attachments, grab a damp rag and wipe down the interior to keep the dust off, use windex to clean the windows, and finally use rain-X on your outside windows to help with a clean view when wet. Have a great weekend and i hope you have just as much success as I did!


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