Simple Spring Wreath

One of my newest obsessions is making wreaths. I do not get fancy in it, I go for simple and cute. So when the warmer weather started rolling in, my Christmas ornament wreath had to go and I needed a wreath that could last me the rest of a southern winter, spring, and on into summer. I admit I have a wreath for almost every season now, and I could keep going! My vision for this wreath was polka dots and flowers, colors being coral and blue, and top it off with my initial. So on a hunting trip I went. I hit up my favorite stores Hobby Lobby and Michaels to find all of this. So are you ready to see this masterpiece? Here is what you will need:
Foam wreath circle
1 Yard of fabric or a roll of ribbon (if you find that is what you want)
2 coordinating paint colors
5-7 flowers (coordinating colors and different sizes)
Paint sealant
Wooden Monogram
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters
Paint brushes

Ready to start?
Step 1: Since I wanted to paint my initial this had to be my first step because it requires several coats of paint and time to dry. My letter came from Michaels and therefore had to be painted. So grab your paint, I used the acrylic paint that can be found in the painting section at hobby lobby (if you want more choices) or even Walmart (if you are going for more basic colors). Paint the letter with your base color, in my case this would be my coral, with about 2 coats allowing time to dry in between coats.
Step 2: While your first coat is drying grab your fabric. Yes, I used fabric because I could not find ribbon that I liked. Spread out your fabric and cut in 4 inch sections length wise. In reality, if you get a yard it should be pretty close to a square, so then it would depend on your pattern. I cut 5 strips, just to be on the safe side. So that makes 5 strips that are 4 inches wide and the length of your fabric long.
Step 3: Ready for an easy step? Cut the stems off your flowers using your wire cutters. Make sure you get them as close to the flower at you can, otherwise it won’t be “flat/even”. At this point it would be a good idea to paint your second coat of your letter. Want some advice on how to shop at hobby lobby? 1st there is ALWAYS a coupon for 40% off on the internet, so get on your phone and find it to get a nice little discount on regular priced items. 2nd, if it is not on sale the week you go, go back the next week and it will be on sale. This comes in handy when buying fabric or flowers, or really anything you buy at hobby lobby!
Step 4: Grab your foam ring. Now we want to make the back of the ring flat. This is important because it helps the wreath sit flat when hanging on your door. The trick to this is making sure you have a sharp knife (like a butcher’s knife), go slow, and cut AWAY from your body. This well be a very messy step so beware!
Step 5: Time to make your letter pretty. This step may not be necessary if your vision is different. I wanted polka dots on my letter…ok I admit, what I really wanted was chevron, but that got complicated very fast so I adjusted. Squirt your coordinating color onto your plate, and use the top of your paint bottle to make the perfect size polka dot. Do not press down hard, just lightly rest it. Once you pull it off you might want to go back and use a paint brush to evenly distribute the color. Let dry!
Step 6: Grab your foam ring and your fabric strips. Time to wrap this baby up! Starting at the back (the flat side) hot glue your fabric at a slight angle to your wreath.
Let break this down to make it easier.
Wrap your fabric around gluing anytime your fabric intersects in the back. Ideally want about an inch overlap of your fabric. It is going to pucker, so just glue that down to. Do this on every rotation!

Once you end one fabric and you are ready to start on another, make sure you start in the back! Your back does not have to look pretty, but your front does!This is what your wrapping process should look like…
Now you have wrapped the whole thing, but notice those wrinkles at the top? Glue them back!
Check out how I did this! Fold back (toward the back) and glue under and in the crease.

Step 6: Spray a layer of sealer on your letter to keep it nice and shiny. This needs to dry for about 2 hours.
Step 7: Attach your flowers. First you want to lay them out and get a good idea of how you want it to look before you glue it down. I added these long ones just to give it some depth, but you do not have to!
Step 8: Once your letter has dried, attach it to your wreath and viola! You are done!
Is this not adorable! Hope you have fun, and do not be afraid to be creative! Happy crafting!!



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