DIY monthly onsies

One of the most popular trends right now are those cute little onsies that moms take during their baby’s first year. Makes for a great photo op and a cute way to document growth. So when I first saw them I started looking for places to by them, and wouldn’t you know they cost an arm and a leg! So I sat down and figured out how to make them. They are NOT hard at all, and can even be done within an hour before the baby shower. So what do you need to do these?
Onsies (I usually use Child o mine, because they are cheaper, but for this project I used Gerber because they had all my sizes)
1 pack 0-3 months
1 pack 3-6 months
2 packs 6-12 months
Computer transfer paper (a 3 pack usually works fine)
**Make sure your pack does not say to mirror image your image…This creates an unnecessary step, but if you do I’ll tell you how to fix it.**
A new ink cartridge and a printer (You want a new one because it uses a lot of ink, and the color might fade during printing.)
obviously a computer
pillow case
So are you ready to begin? Look out for the little tips I offer, I’ve done this about 5 times now!
Our first step would be to design or find your pattern. My first go round was for a baby girl, and what better way to do it than with a crown? I made my own on Microsoft word. The last four times I made these I had to do them for boys, at first I made my own, but couldn’t find just the right thing that would work with everybody. But what’s cuter or even more popular than the baby tie? I couldn’t find how to make this and couldn’t. And ALAS! I found a free downloadable printable I use here. So just download and print!

So lets say you picked up a pack of computer transfer paper and the directions tell you to mirror image your image (and yes I’ve done this multiple times, because I forget to read the back/instructions before I buy)…WHAT DO I DO! Take a deep breath. Two simple steps! First you want to click in Microsoft word click SAVE AS and under your file name there is a “save as type”, save it as a 1997-2003 document. This is because you can’t do this in the current versions. Second step. Find the “rotate” button. Mine is under “Page layout” but depending on your computer it might be different. Once you select your picture and rotate click “Flip Horizontal”. That should do the trick. So let me explain real quick why you want to mirror the image. The image (or number) will be backwards so you will look at it and think you’re dyslexic. So make sure you flip those numbers if your instructions tell you to!

Ok, so we’ve printed this out now to the fun part. Cut them out! So here is where we are at…
*Can you see how my numbers are flipped?

Now, lay the image where you want it (color side down) and press it! But hold on! Here is a little tip, you are going to lay it on a cotton pillow case. You want something to absorb the heat otherwise your transfer won’t work right. Place your pillow case on a hard surface, I use my counter top. Do not use an ironing board!
*Notice, my number appears normal now that it’s ironed on

Press firmly along all edges and do not use your steam setting! This should take about a minute. Once done lay to the side and let cool. Conveniently this lets you do another one.
Next, you’ve got all of your images ironed on, so the next thing you do is remove the paper. Do this very slowly and after it has completely cooled otherwise your image might come off around the edges!
Continue to do this on all onsies, and please make sure the number corresponds with the right onsie size. That’s it yall! Aren’t they so cute?! Have fun.
One final tip, when you wrap it try a long clothes box once you’ve folded those cute little things! Enjoy!


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