Springtime Garden Cupcakes

It’s time for spring and get creative and fun! I am NOT a cake decorator by any stretch of the imagination. I just want to let you know that with the right tools and a little patience you can do something neat and pretty. So grab your favorite cake mix and white icing and get to work. Make your cupcakes and let cool Last week I posted how to make icing so while your cupcakes are cooling, make your icing.
So your ready to ice your cupcakes. This is what you need:
an icing device (pastry bag, tube, or if your desperate a plastic bag)
an icing tip
Green food coloring
Candy eggs
and lets not forget your icing and cupcakes
Ready. Set. Ice!
Remember my icing is white, so to make it look like grass we need to add food coloring. I used about half a bottle of green dye to get this, but if you want a darker green you might need to use the whole bottle.
To get this look you’ll need a tip that looks like this
insert it into your device and fill with icing.
Now, grab your icing device. I used a pampered chef icing tube, but you can get something similar at Wal-Mart and they come with different tips. But PLEASE, do NOT buy the little accordion like icer’s that they sell, you will waste so much icing. Starting in the middle of your cupcake make short pumps to make little grass like dots all the way out to the sides. *Hint do not hold to close to the cupcake or it will make it fall flat and fat. Hold it about 1/2 and inch away and pull up when you pump.*
Sound confusing? Yep, here is what it looks like in pictures.


Don’t go for perfect, go for fun! I promise it gets easier the more you do it. But be aware your thumb will start hurting because it will be a long slow process.
To add even more Spring into these cupcakes, grab some candy that looks like eggs. For mine I used M & M’s. Place on cupcakes
Not hard at all is it? Slow and steady, and with practice it gets easier. Enjoy your cupcakes!


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