Easy Easter Fruit Kabob Garden

Happy Easter! He is RISEN…He is Risen indeed! I know many of us celebrate Easter with the easter bunny and hiding eggs, but I want to take a moment and then God that he saved us all and He is the reason this holiday exists. Not the Easter Bunny. He died and on the 3rd day he rose again to save us ALL from sin so that we can live in eternity with him if we choose.
We all know that the best part of holidays is decorating and getting together with family. So, I thought I would post something very quick and easy to take to a family get together. And when I say quick, it literally took me 15 minutes to make. So here is what you need.

Something to put it in (i.e. Clay pots, wooden drawer, or anything hollow)
Piece of foam
Easter grass
Kabob sticks

So this is something you can be very creative with. I used a really cute silverware sorter that I had laying around the house to do my project, but you can use just about anything. Once you have gathered your supplies lets get busy!

Step one: Cut your foam to fit your container
This worked for me because I used a hard square container. All I had to do was place and push.

Step 2: As you can tell you are going to get a full container of foam and we don’t want that. So pull it out and cut it in half! I needed another piece so I used what I had left over and repeated the process to get a third piece.

Step 3: Place your foam pieces inside of your container. So it should look something like this. *One of my pieces are not as thick, so it sits lower, but it’s not a big deal. If it bothers you add a small piece of foam.

Step 4: Add your grass. In this step a little goes along way, and all I used was just a pinch. Just set it in there, no gluing or anything!

Step 5: Cut your fruit and place them on your Kabob sticks. It does not matter how you cut it just whatever you think looks cool. So here is what it should look like. (I haven’t cut all my fruit because I want it fresh for tomorrow)


Told you it was fast and easy. The longest part will be cutting your fruit. There is literally no way to mess this up. Have fun and be creative with this project!


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