Jewlery Orginatization

So if you saw my previous post on Distressed Photo Frames you know that my goal was to organize my jewelry. So I took those beautiful distressed frames and added to them.
Once you’ve distressed your frames it’s time to be creative in how you want to organize your jewelry. I chose to use a chicken wire for my dangly earring, hook screws and knobs for my necklaces. So this is how to finish this part. Time to grab your supplies!
Chicken Wire
Paint and brushes
Dowel rod
Hook screws
Cabinet knobs
Super glue
Staple Gun


Step One:
Cut your wire down to size my measuring your frame and marking around the perimeter. And paint that nasty stuff! Since mine was old and used I had to do something to make it look better, so the painting is optional. I also wanted a rod to hang watches on cut an old dowel rod down to size and painted that to.

You’ll notice that I just marked the perimeter of the chicken wire with a sharpie. From there I used wire cutters to cut around that line. Watch your hands! It gets kind of sticky.

Paint the nasty chicken wire, but this is optional, but necessary for me!

*** Cutting the Rod***
We’ve heard the saying “Measure twice and cut once” the theory applies here. However, once I cut I decided to flip my frames so I had to cut my rod again. So here is how I did it. I measured the inside of the frame and then cut it an inch shorter that that because I used the bigger screw hooks.

Step two:
While your wire and rod are drying go ahead and screw in your hook screws where ever you want and add your knobs. Please don’t be afraid to be creative in this process. It all depends on what you want it to look like! Hint~ Hot glue does not work for this project, I used it at first and my knobs kept falling off so I resorted to super glue. This is the only time I’ve run into this problem, and I think it’s because of the Vaseline on the frames.


Step 3:
Grab your dry chicken wire and place it on the back of your frame using your staple gun. I did my chicken wire the length of the back of the frame, which in hindsight adds a slight hiccup when your hanging them against the wall, but is not bad. You might want to add it to where the glass usually rests, but that is up to you.


Also in this step we want to add the hangers to the frames, so here is an easy way to do that. Measure the back of the frame and find the center. Mark your hole and add your hangers. There are many different types of hangers and I personally used three different kinds of hangers for this project, but this process works the same.


Lay it out on your wall and Hang them up (which y’all can see on my next post!) and then hang your jewelry on them!


Just in case you were wondering, the little drawer is holding my stud earrings, but can be used for anything. The towel rod at the bottom is totally optional to, but it caught my overflow of necklaces and of course my scarves!
Tip and Trick ~ please don’t be afraid to be creative at this point there is no right and wrong, it just depends on the space and how you want it to look.
That’s it y’all! But please don’t forget to hang the jewelry on it, trust me it adds a whole new element to it!


Have fun and be creative!
~ Katie


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